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Celebrating its 23rd Season!

Murder by Appointment. We've been expecting you.


​​Grinched!A Yuledie Mystery | NEW!
This show contains mature humour and themes, and is not suitable for children. 

(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Rodney Roy)

Ms. Grinched, the recently elected Mayor of the Greater City of Whosewhoville, which now includes the North Pole, is holding her first Town Hall meeting since taking office. To the dismay of everyone in attendance, Mayor Grinched announces that her first order of business is to cancel Christmas! When Mayor Grinched is murdered, it’s up to the zany cast of characters and your guests to solve the crime! Was the eggnog perhaps spiked? Or was it that her girdle was just too tight? Did she eat poisoned Green Eggs and Ham? Or was it that somebody just wasn’t a fan? Whatever the reason, ‘tis the holiday season for a murder mystery delight! Join us for MURDER BY APPOINTMENT'S hilarious NEW yuledie mystery! 

​​Cabin Screamer: The Case of the Northern Frights | NEW! 

This show contains mature humour and themes, and is not suitable for children. 

​(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Rodney Roy)
In Murder by Appointment's newest interactive murder mystery, you and and your guests are contest winners with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to director Susan Spielberg's latest b-horror movie, CABIN SCREAMER. Enjoy a meet-and-greet with the stars during cocktails and be a part of the cast & crew during the rehearsal of the climactic scene! Join director Susan Spielberg, soap opera star turned "Scream Queen" Marlena Waters, "Slasher King" Bob Loblah, leading man Bumperstump Calldispatch, and really off-Broadway star Janis Leigh in Murder by Appointment's most interactive show yet! Shooting a movie is hard work. Shooting a Susan Spielberg movie is murder!

​​Death at a Funeral | NEW!
This show contains mature humour and themes, and is not suitable for children. 

(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Rodney Roy)
In Murder by Appointment's most irreverent comedy to date, you and your guests are attending the funeral of legendary adult film star Dirk Swank who passed away tragically on the set of the TITANIC-inspired adult parody, TITANUS.  He is survived by his wife, adult film star Kara Hardcore; their children, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Adam Samuel Swank and international hand model Miss Eve Swank. The service will be presided over by the Reverend Petter Patter of The Church of Really, Really, Really Late Saints. This is one funeral you don't want to miss! 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Unusual Suspects | BEST SELLER
This show contains mature humour and themes, and is not suitable for children. 
(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Bill Sanders)
In this play within a play, director Simone Jowel is in a small town near you and she's looking for actors to star alongside stage and screen legends Dizzie Taylored and Richard Hurtin in the new play, DEATH IN A SMALL TOWN. It's a killer show... literally!

Murder Al Dente | BEST SELLER
​This show contains mature humour and themes, and is not suitable for children. 
(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Bill Sanders)
After an assassination attempt on their beloved patriarch Fast Eddy, the Salmoneli Family calls an emergency meeting with the mob families in town because a stomach donor is needed to save Fast Eddy's life. That is, if  the hit man doesn't return to finish the job! This is one offer you shouldn't refuse.

Shady Acres | FAN FAVOURITE | Perfect for retirement parties!
(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Bill Sanders)
​Real estate mogul Donald Hump is unveiling Phase I of his latest development: Shady Acres, a deluxe retirement condominium community in the new Hump Tower. It's a state-of-the-old-fart facility... and people are just dying to get in! This is one shady deal.

Jingles! A Musical Murder Mystery | COMING SOON!
​(Written by Amber J. Hicks)
Victoria's Secrets, purveyor of the world's sexiest lingerie, is holding its annual jingle contest. The winner gets $100, 000.00 and the winning jingle will be featured in the next Victoria's Secrets global marketing campaign!  Join lingerie tycoon Victor Victoria, celebrity judges Monty Crue and Heidi Gloom, and Vocal Director Cadence Clearwater as they search for the next voice of Victoria's Secrets! This is one killer competition.


Archived shows are available at a premium and feature larger casts and full sets.
Individual prices vary. 

​​Clued Out

​(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Bill Sanders)
Was it Professor Prune with the pipe in the library? Or was it Colonel Ketchup in the kitchen with the noose? Or perhaps it was Mrs. Cookoo in the library with the gun? Join Whatswith, the Butler, and the rest of the zany cast of characters in Murder by Appointment's hilarious parody of the comedy classic, CLUE!

Viva Las Elvis!

(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Bill Sanders)
Colonel Korn is holding a contest to find a new Elvis to headline his Dead Legends Tour, and the best of the worst Elvis impersonators are competing for the crown. When the song-and-dance competition takes a deadly turn, it's up to the Detective, Al Shookup, to figure out which of the 'Suspicious Minds' is the killer! 

The Case of Dry Belch

(Written by Bill Sanders)
​The town's folk of Dry Belch are up in arms after ruthless rancher Bonanza Cartwright announces his plans to build a railroad straight through their sleepy town... and straight through Kitty's Saloon! Murder by Appointment gives a new meaning to the term 'Wild West' with its parody of the Mel Brooks comedy classic, BLAZING SADDLES!

Murder A La Mode
​It's Fashion Week, and designer Daisy Bloom is launching a new line. Unfortunately for her, it's a cut-throat industry! When the fashion event of the year becomes a murderous affair, it's up to Detective Teddy Carruthers from the Royal Canadian Dogsled Police to get to the bottom of this fashion faux-pas.

The Cursed Coven

​(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Bill Sanders)
​It's All Hallows Eve and all Hell is about to break loose when Queen Lateetha discovers that her coven of witches is plotting her demise. Murder by Appointment delves into the supernatural in this side-splittingly funny murder mystery featuring a ghoulish cast which includes Weeping Willy, an 8-foot tall talking tree!   

A Vow of Murder
(Written by Greg Tremblay)
Rocco and Roxanne are getting married... and their families are at war over it. The groom has money, the bride has no class, and the wedding is out of control! You and your guests are cordially invited to attend the trashiest wedding of the season where 'Til death do us part' is not a vow, it's a promise!

A Christmas Caper
(Written by Amber J. Hicks and Bill Sanders)
​Ebenezer Screwed and Jacob Hardly (founders of Screwed Hardly, the leading manufacturer of Christmas lawn ornaments) are hosting their annual staff Christmas party and you and your guests are invited. It's the most wonderful time of the year... that is, until the Ghost of Christmas Past crashes the party! When the evening takes a deadly turn, it's up to Nick Saint and his sidekick Chris Mingle to find the Christmas killer. Yule die laughing! 

Not in the mood for murder? 

Sudbury Night Live

MBA presents Sudbury Night Live, an evening of topical sketch comedy in the style of the iconic, Emmy Award-winning Saturday Night Live! Featuring a special musical guest and skits like "News North: Sudbury Edition", "Ebony & Ivory on Serious FYI Radio", "The Pride Parade", "The Office Party", "Message from The Godfather", "eHarmony", "Hockey Night" and "The Walmart Return Line", Sudbury Night Live has something for everyone!